Local Businesses

Rick Merrill’s Tall & Long

No one makes your handlebars taller or puts your front wheel out further in front of your motorcycle. Stop into Rick’s Tall & Long shop on Magnolia Blvd.. He’ll have you reaching higher than you’ve ever reached to steer your bike.

Jan Robinson

Jan Robinson’s T-Shirts, pants, hats, and so much more.

She is not just Jan Robinson, she is Burbank’s most renowned business person and clothing designer. Simply put, Jan IS fashion in Burbank. Seen here, Jan is modeling her famous watermelon jacket. However, she is even best known for her shirts and hummingbird feeders.

Used Foosball tables

Used Foosball Tables

If you know foosball, then you know foosball tables are prohibitively expensive. Stop into Used Foosball Tables and you’ll find some incredibly affordable “bars & wood”. NOTE: If you aren’t serious about foosball, don’t stop in. ANOTHER NOTE: Don’t visit Used Foosball Tables on Mondays, or anytime after 3PM on Wednesdays. ANOTHER NOTE: Terry Melon is not permitted on the premises.

Dean Fernari’s Eye Shack

Stop into Eye Shack if you want to check out Dean’s selection of unique off-brand frames. He is a whiz when it comes to transition lenses and Swedish avante-garde jazz . Most importantly, Dean Fernari is not an actual doctor.