Meet the Neighbors

Doug Duguay

As a freelance insurance agent I have some investigative skills and I think this podcast is a great way to keep everyone informed on the search for whoever is putting drugs in my garbage can. I grew up here in Burbank and know this neighborhood as well as anyone. If you have any thoughts on neighborhood activities let me know at

Jan Robinson

Jan Robinson

She’s not just a neighbor, she is the most renowned business person in Burbank. Jan and her husband Paul have kept the Rancho Equestrian District invigorated with unique fashion and exciting recreational experiences for 30+ years. It’s hard to cruise down Magnolia Blvd. without passing a Robinson owned establishment. Find Jan at the Studio City farmer’s market on the 1st and 4th Sunday of the month and on every Sunday.

Gary Janthony

Gary grew up in Toluca Lake (a fancier part of Burbank). His acumen for running businesses out of his house is unrivaled. With a few minor home modifications Gary has installed a drive-thru car wash in his driveway, a backyard pizza parlor and brewery, and a night club in his garage. I won’t list them all here, but stroll by his house on Beachwood St. and you’ll see a sign for all of his businesses.

Dean Fernari

The most important thing to know about Burbank’s most popular optometrist is that he is not a doctor, despite his business card and the white smock he wears around his office.


Faye Duguay

Faye is my wonderful wife who is spending most of her time up at her dad’s place lately, because of this drug drop thing.

Phil Duguay

My incredible son who is also spending most of his time up at my father-in-law’s place lately.

Chuck Baker

Chuck isn’t a neighbor technically, because he lives in Ojai where he runs Chuck Baker Empire, the largest auto mod and custom muffler shop in Ventura County. He is also my Father-in-law.